Making a Spry Dropdown Menu
By James George

Easy Spry Dropdown menu created in Dreamwever.


Creating a mobile-friendly web page with Dreamweaver CS5.5
By Jim Cook, DWCourse.

Media Queries allow web designers to create style sheets based upon the screen size of the device used to view the page.

Site Setup in Dreamweaver CS5 and CS5.5
By Jim Cook, DWCourse.

Jim has already showed you how to properly define a site in CS4. With the release of CS5 and 5.5, some things have changed.

PHP Includes
by Toby Hoare/Corrosive.

If you're currently using Dreamweaver Templates and you're comfortable with coding by hand, PHP Includes might be for you.

A PHP Include statment will simply include a specified file into another one, and this can be very useful.

Define your site
- CS4

by Jim Cook/Dwcourse.

DW Surgeons Warning: In order for Dreamweaver to manage your site successfully, you MUST define your site. Failure to define your site and to make sure you are working on the correct site is a common error when working on a shared computer and it will make your life miserable!

Multiple Hyperlink Styles
by Coloeagle.

This tutorial will explain what you need to know so that you can create multiple hyperlink behavior styles.
In short: links with different colors.

Nothing fancy, just the basics of creating links with different colors. We'll leave the fancy stuff to you.

Using Dreamweaver Templates
- A Beginners Guide

by Toby Hoare.

Dreamweaver Template or .dwt files are a great way for people new to the world of web design to exercise maximum control over their sites.

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