by David Jackson (davidj)

In the industry since 1994 working on projects for major International Utility companies, International Banks and Pharmaceutical Corporations building PHP solutions for finance departments.
David also mentors students through free PHP lessons.

PHP, A Beginners Guide

For the complete programmer newbie, Dreamweaver Club's resident PHP guru, David Jackson guides you through the world of data driven websites in this series. It starts with an overview of all the tools you need to get the job done, and then explains how to use PHP, Apache and Dreamweaver to create data driven websites.

This series is for anyone who is looking to start to learn the fundementals of datadriven websites. We hope you enjoy them! Requires Flash Plugin to work.

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tools (2K)

Part 1 - The Tools of the Trade

An introduction to the tools needed to program with PHP (WAMP).

Time: 03:57

wamp5 (2K)

Part 2 - WAMP 5

Overview of the application installed with WAMP 5.

Time: 03:57

mysqllite (3K)


Register a host using the application.

Time: 04:43

mysqllite (3K)

Part 4 - EMS MYSQL LITE (cont.)

Creating your first Database and Table with test data.

Time: 09:11

dw8 (2K)

Part 5 - Configuring Dreamweaver

Configuring dreamweaver to work locally with a remote server

Time: 10:13