by David Jackson (davidj)

In the industry since 1994 working on projects for major International Utility companies, International Banks and Pharmaceutical Corporations building PHP solutions for finance departments.
David also mentors students through free PHP lessons.

PHP Arrays, Functions and Classes

This series explains some of the most important parts of PHP application development: arrays, functions and classes.

Required file for the tutorial: dwc.zip

Part 1 - Set Up

Set Up

Setup the database and unpack the files

Time: 04:58

Part 2 - Arrays

Donít be scared. Arrays are soft and cuddly

Time: 18:39

Part 3 - Functions

Functions explained. Frankenstein used these to create his monster although maybe not in PHP

Time: 41:31

Part 4 - Classes

Who's top of the Class? Introduction to OOP, Object Orientated Programming.

Time: 23:36