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Default MM_LoginAction and SALT Dreamweaver CC 2014

I would like to know if there's a way to use the MM_LoginAction within Dreamweaver and SALT passwords?
I created a asp page in Dreamweaver and added the MM_LoginAction to the page.

I currently use the following code (see below) which I updated to use HashBytes('SHA2_512', ?) on the password field as my passwords as SHA2_512 encrypted. I am about to create a store procedure to create accounts with SHA2_512 encrypted and SALT but I don't know how I would update the MM_LoginAction to check with SALT.

Any help would be most grateful.

' *** Validate request to log in to this site.
MM_LoginAction = Request.ServerVariables("URL")
If Request.QueryString <> "" Then MM_LoginAction = MM_LoginAction + "?" + Server.HTMLEncode(Request.QueryString)
MM_valUsername = CStr(Request.Form("textfield"))
Session("MM_valUsername_provided") = MM_valUsername
Session("MM_valPassword_provided") = CStr(Request.Form("textfield2"))
If MM_valUsername <> "" Then
  Dim MM_fldUserAuthorization
  Dim MM_redirectLoginSuccess
  Dim MM_redirectLoginFailed
  Dim MM_loginSQL
  Dim MM_rsUser
  Dim MM_rsUser_cmd
  MM_fldUserAuthorization = "intSecLevel"
  MM_redirectLoginSuccess = "/Account/loginSuccess.asp"
  MM_redirectLoginFailed = "/Account/LoginDenied.asp"

  MM_loginSQL = "SELECT strUserName, strUserPassword"
  If MM_fldUserAuthorization <> "" Then MM_loginSQL = MM_loginSQL & "," & MM_fldUserAuthorization
  MM_loginSQL = MM_loginSQL & " FROM dbo.tblLoginControl WHERE strUserName = ? AND strUserPassword =HashBytes('SHA2_512', ?) AND intActive = 1"
  Set MM_rsUser_cmd = Server.CreateObject ("ADODB.Command")
  MM_rsUser_cmd.ActiveConnection = MM_LiveDataBaseMe2You_STRING
  MM_rsUser_cmd.CommandText = MM_loginSQL
  MM_rsUser_cmd.Parameters.Append MM_rsUser_cmd.CreateParameter("param1", 200, 1, 100, MM_valUsername) ' adVarChar
  MM_rsUser_cmd.Parameters.Append MM_rsUser_cmd.CreateParameter("param2", 200, 1, 30, Request.Form("textfield2")) ' adVarChar
  MM_rsUser_cmd.Prepared = true
  Set MM_rsUser = MM_rsUser_cmd.Execute

  If Not MM_rsUser.EOF Or Not MM_rsUser.BOF Then 
    ' username and password match - this is a valid user
    Session("MM_Username") = MM_valUsername
    If (MM_fldUserAuthorization <> "") Then
      Session("MM_UserAuthorization") = CStr(MM_rsUser.Fields.Item(MM_fldUserAuthorization).Value)
      Session("MM_UserAuthorization") = ""
    End If
    if CStr(Request.QueryString("accessdenied")) <> "" And false Then
      MM_redirectLoginSuccess = Request.QueryString("accessdenied")
    End If
  End If
End If
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