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Default Recordset Issue

Hi guys

Windows 7
IIS 7.5
PHP 5.3

I have created a login page with the help of the adobe tutorial for passing usernames through, and I have created a landing page on success login "private.php"

In the login page i have the following:

Username (Formfield name username)
Password (Formfield name password)

I insered the server behaviour for Auth - Login

In my Dbase I have recid, cmrid, Username, Password

The login works correctly but have an issue with the recordset

When the login success goes to Private.php it should send the username via MM_Username to the recordset on Private.php which I setup with the filter "Session Variable = MM_Username" in the recordset tab

When you test it within the recordset tab it ask you to enter a name, I enter a username stored in the tbl "harry" and it shows the resuilts for that user, but when I try this from the website once uploaded, it shows an empty table?

Not sure whats not working

I changed the PHP.INI Session.Save.Path to inetpub\wwwroot\sessions\ and found a test session from a php site that tells me how many times I have visited that page, so looks like php is setup correctly to handle sessions?

Cheers Guys

I should say, my aim for all this is:

I want to be able to have a user specific page, so when a user logs in, he/she is present with their own Invoice, Estimate, Photos of work done etc
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