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Default CS5 (Extension Manager?) startup message. How to kill?

Dreamweaver CS5 (Version 11) Windows 7 64-bit

A week ago I installed a brand new academic version of Dreamweaver CS5. The installation was painless. Each time I start the programme though I am greeted with a noise from the speakers and the following message box:
"The Extension Manager will now launch and finish updating Dreamweaver."

I have 'Googled' for a week, found many similar examples, but none have given me the answer of how to get rid of this annoying 'BING and read'. My apologies if this is not the appropriate soapbox but I'm running out of hope and hair.

One of the early answers I found was to install the 11.0.3 update. The post gave a direct link to download the file. I downloaded the file but on installation it failed immediately with a message box suggesting that I find an answer as to why it failed.

On further digging I came across a link to the 11.0.4 update. I downloaded it and the installation worked. Even so when within Dreamweaver, and choosing Help, About, my version is shown 11, the 0 and 4 don't appear.

As the annoying message window is labelled 'Extension Manager' I thought I'd concentrate more there than Dreamweaver.

Some of the posts I read related to HTML5 being the issue. Digging through the new directories created on the computer with the Dreamweaver installation was a file:

Thinking that this might be the file that is updating Dreamweaver on each startup I thought I'd manually install it so that it was done and dusted, and I could look elsewhere for the cure if that did not work. But on trying to install the extension I'm greeted with even more message windows.

When trying through Dreamweaver: Commands, Manage Extensions
"The Extension Manager is unavailable. Please re-install."
When trying through the Extension Manager: File, Install Extension
"The extension cannot be installed, it requires Dreamweaver version in range of inclusively between 11 and 11.4."

The book included on the disc titled 'Extending Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 & CS5.5' says that downloaded extensions should be save to the directory AdobeDreamweaverCS5/DownloadedExtensions. I copied the zxp file to here, did the above, yet the same happened.

I should mention that when I fire up Extension Manager, Dreamweaver is not in the Products tab. I can't find anything within the programme that allows you to say what is and isn't. A number of other Adobe programmes I have don't appear either. Unsure if it is related but 32-64 bit?

I'm just about done but I'd love to get rid of this annoyance. If I can't get rid of an annoying and possibly unnecessary message window when starting a programme, how can I use it to ensure others don't share my aggravation?

Chris Upton.
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