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Default Site not showing in design view

Ok I have a really weird issue..
I have just added a site to my dreamweaver cs5 using the site menu in exactly the same way as I have done with other sites (site was already built and saved on local drive but had a new install of dreamweaver a while back and never added this site) and in design view I can only see the background and nothing else, no pictures, text or tables. all looks good in live view and in preview. and code is completely visable and editable...

To make matters more interesting I added another old site and all worked as expected.. and just to check I also added three more old sites and everything fine

To make matters even more interesting I copied the local folder of the site to a different computer using also using cs5 dreamweaver and low and behold all worked perfectly..

I have even tried right clicking index.html using open with dreamweaver from the folder and it doesn't show but if I open the html file into browser all fine...

This is really perplexing me and insights would be greatly appreciated... I have been using dreamweaver for many years since it was still part of macromedia so it's not like I don't know what I'm doing

Thanks in advance
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Design view is notoriously crap but I've never seen this issue.

Only time when I've seen things like this is when the site uses templates and the paths to assets get screwed up.

Are you using templates?

If you open a page and look at the code for an image for example, is the file path correct?

What happens when you create a new page within this site and add images etc, do these show?

Let us know how you get on.
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