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Default Spry tooltip help

Hello, I need some help about the tooltip spry.
Let me first explain that I am completely new at this. Many years ago I used to make some pages for my classes, but being lazy - or just very busy - I ended up using Front Page because it was so much easier and the results were just fine for what I needed. I did try Dreamweaver at that time, but always came back to the easier way (FP).
For a long time I just updated my old pages and then moved schools and stopped completely.
I moved to another school again and some parents showed interest in viewing what was happening in the classes through a webpage and I decided to attempt one this time using dreamweaver cs5.
It wasn't all that complicated even though the template showed so strange in dreamweaver but I learned how to work with it - more or less -
I even ventured into different things to do and the tooltip spry came up as something I would like to use. I tried it, it worked and I was quite proud of myself. I also tried it in different browsers just to be sure. Everything was fine, until I decided to add another tooltip spry - on another page from the same site.
See, while on one I had some more text and needed a slightly bigger box, on the other one I just wanted to write a name and wanted the box to be smaller. But every time I adjust height and width it seems to affect the other tooltip spry.
Even though my understanding of code is almost nonexistent other than to check basic things here and there, I checked it and I can see that one says tooltip1 and the other tooltip2 which I thought would mean that they were different and could be adjusted separately. It is not the case however and I came here in hope that someone can tell me if there is any way to adjust the boxes differently for each one, or if - most probably - I'm missing something obvious or making a mistake somewhere.Any help would be appreciated, thank you
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