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Default PHP site definition?

I downloaded the code for this gallery and put it into one of my HTML pages:


It works perfectly under this URL in my local testing host "http://localhost/php_test/demo/demo.php"

But on my live site it looks like this: http://www.katherinecoulton.com/demo.php and says 'there is an error with you image directory'.

Because I'm not sure how PHP works, I think I must have done something wrong with defining the page. Whenever I open the page now, dreamweaver say there is no site definition for the page and tries to get me to set up a new testing server for it - but i already have a testing server set up. I want to get it onto my LIVE server and not the TESTING server but somehow the page seems confused. Is this because it is still pointing to the testing server?

How do I point my PHP page to my live server? At the moment I have 2 copies of the folder - one in my MAMP testing server directory... (file:///Macintosh HD/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/php_test/demo/demo.php)

...and one in the root directory for my site (file:///Macintosh HD/Users/katherinecoulton/Documents/Kt new website/demo.php)

Have I done something wrong with my fileing?

If anyone can help thanks,
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the db probably has:
- entries within it which point to the absolute filepaths of the original images from old site
- entries within it which point to the domain name and possibly the URL it is installed under
- thumbnail paths it created, same as above.

best thing you can do is reinstall from scratch on the new server and re-upload the images, since this is really a new site.

database-driven packages like photo albums, blogs, CMS, don't often port well from site to site. take a look at what's IN the database to find out for yourself... you might learn some things.
Jim Michaels
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