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Default Other Graphic Design Programs

The options for discussion of graphical design programs are limited to a couple products. I was wondering if anyone has experience in other graphic programs? I've been using Paint Shop Pro forever. I have Photoshop Elements, but find PSP more old school and to my liking. I realize I need to expand my skill set a bit, so am considering purchasing Xara. Does anyone have any suggestions for other programs or advice on the use of Xara? Thanks in advance.
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You can always try GIMP as well. Not had any experience of Xara I'm afraid.
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Gimp as a free replacement for Photoshop is great. Of course the features are not as many as PS, but for basic photo manipulation it'll do. A free alternative for Adobe Illustrator is Inkscape.

As far as Xara I know that it produces the most ugly 'divitus & classitus' code there is with loads of inline css styles which will make your sites load very slow.
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Yes, I've used GIMP before. I still use Inkscape to vectorize graphics. I then import them into SignBlazer and feed them into my vinyl cutter. I'm a big fan of dirt racing and will sometimes create graphics for race cars or to be used as stencils for sandblasting beer mugs.

I was curious about Xara because I've seen it mentioned a couple times and was wondering about its reviews. I know there's a couple versions of this product, one for web design and one for photography. I'll probably download a trial version and check it out. Thanks for the replies.
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