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Default Dreamweaver, Javascript, Forrms, Help


I am very new to Dreamweaver CS6 and just started playing with Javascript a few days ago.

1) I ran accross a tutorial on the web that showd a man creating a form in Dreamweaver. The video was only a few minutes but he created drop downs, check box's and so forth. I have been trying to find that tutorial again and cannot, by chance do you know where it is on the web?

2) In javascript, lets say a user enters the "Max" in a field. That field is assigned as a variable, lets say "name". In another box my javascript code can produce the text "Hello Max" I'm sure I can design my form in dreamweaver and am guesssing that Dreamweaver assigns a variable but can someone help me tie in javascript or point me to some examples?

Thanks so much
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I'm not sure Dreamweaver is that clever. It doesn't implement JS very well unless its within the spry framework and then you don't get a fully 'Do What I Want' tool.

Look at the JQuery library. Loads of support and tutorials and its quite easy to learn.
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