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Default multiple Mouse Roll Over action

I want try and do is do it so when you scroll over the buttons on the side it shows up red and shows a picture, I have attached a link below of two buttons of what I want it to do but for some reason I cant work out how to combine the two behaviours into one.


I also what it so when you come off the button the picture goes back to blank

I have also the two HTML codes at the bottom of the page
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A variation of ddrivetip ought to work just fine. Go to the dynamic drive site & look around. They should have what you want. I have something similar but not exact on my site, & bear in mind you can hide borders & such just by making them black as your background is. Pretty sure you can find something that will lock position as you want...

For a similar [but not exact] code example, go to

Scroll down to the pricing section & hover over the black background links.

It works as a pop-up. This particular piece of code you can manipulate a bit, but it's not intended for exact positioning.
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Old 05-03-2012, 08:42 AM   #3
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wouldn't that be as simple as defining a :hover in css? I think you can even use css3 animation. <code>z-index:2;</code> for the layer that contains the elements which have the over-image. you should define a :hover on those elements as well.
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Yes, :hover with CSS ease on transitions would be pretty slick.
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