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Default Jquery Flip Image - Can't work it out

Hi Guys

I am using something similar to the below URL. I however want to change some of the functionality and not so good with JQuery I can not work out how to do what I want.


So what I want to happen is on the mouse over I want the image to flip. Then stay flipped then when you click it will take you through to a URL. when you mouse out it flips back. Any suggestions?

	/* The following code is executed once the DOM is loaded */
		// $(this) point to the clicked .sponsorFlip element (caching it in elem for speed):
		var elem = $(this);
		// data('flipped') is a flag we set when we flip the element:
			// If the element has already been flipped, use the revertFlip method
			// defined by the plug-in to revert to the default state automatically:
			// Unsetting the flag:
			// Using the flip method defined by the plugin:
				speed: 350,
				onBefore: function(){
					// Insert the contents of the .sponsorData div (hidden from view with display:none)
					// into the clicked .sponsorFlip div before the flipping animation starts:
			// Setting the flag:
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Default Check out the demos

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