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Default SEO Local Area

Several months ago I was fishing in a trout stream with a designer friend of mine and he told me how he was successful at getting mom and pop stores in local areas listed on the front page of the search engines within about 8 weeks and sometimes less. So, we tried it with a site and it worked.
The site went from the 5th page in Google to the first page in less than 8 weeks.

He told me not to have anything flash on the home page, have the site verified with Google, try to get a sitemap up on Google and not have a lot of images on the home page.

At the bottom of the home page put tags in relationship to how anyone would search for the business in a local area and not use large letters. We had a lawn and garden site that was getting pounded pretty good by the big ad companies and I'm sure you're familiar with all of them.

We put tags on the bottom of his home page that said...lawn and garden shops in his town and added the same thing for towns within 50 miles of his business. Their sizes were from about 10,000 population up to one that was a little over a 100,000. I think about 15 towns total.

I checked it about a week later and it had moved up a page, a week later it had moved up another page, I checked it tonight and it sits at the top of the first page in the number one spot in Goggle, Yahoo and Bing.

In the larger city of over 100,000 it's in third place on the front page in Goggle, bottom of the first page in Yahoo and in the top spot in Bing. I checked a few more search engines and it's doing the same thing in those

This site also has no back links. He was going to do that himself so I guess he's not had time and nor does it look like he needs any now.

I have no idea if it would work for WP, Drupal or Joomla sites or any pre made templates.

Course, Google could do a 360 on how they do things and it'll get lost again.

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The advise your friend gave is not quite right, this possibly would work a last year. Google have recently changed they way they classify sites its called Panda. Going for content,user experience, if the information is worthwhile etc..i.e if it where medical advice would a doctor use it, and also the number of high quality sites linking to you. Images need to have ALT tags filled in and also the title tags.

Wordpress does have widgets and tools to allow you to get the pages setup to work well with the search engines but there is loads to do behind the scenes.

I spend a couple hours a week min to keep my site at the position it is. You also need to utilise the socical networks to get traffic to your site. For example I find twitter better than facebook at present.
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Well, I'll be the first to admit that not everything works and what works for some things may not work for other things and I'll certainly not dispute your thoughts on my post. I'm familiar with Panda.

The method I made in my post is "not to target the world" but a given geographical area using direct search words for a specific small business type.

It is working, I have checked 4 of his sites and they were all on the front page in the search engines as he told me they were. The small business that we tried is on the front page of the search engines. We're also trying another small business and it's moving up now in it's area, not the world as a whole. A person has to do a search in the given targeted area for that type business using basically the same tag words on the home page or it won't show up with a high ranking. I think that may also be "content on a given page" which the search engines look for.

I doubt very seriously this method would work in large cities with mega 100's of sites with a same business as each other. I'm not even going to try it because all of our small businesses are in smaller cities and more remote geographical areas in a popular resort area for two very large cities.

As I stated in the previous post..the search engines could blow all that out the door at any given time.
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Remember too that search is personalized now. So your search results will be different from others. If you frequent your own site much, it will eventually be displayed as #1 for you.
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Hey Blake can you post the links & their top search phrases? I'd like to see how they play out on a virgin query...
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Originally Posted by johnMoss View Post
Hey Blake can you post the links & their top search phrases? I'd like to see how they play out on a virgin query...
That will be no problem if a client will give me permission to post his site and search string on a public forum.

My wife is from Russia and was talking to her sisters in Belgorod, Russia and Donekst, Ukraine earlier tonight in Skype. We have a new baby niece in Donekst and will be flying over on Thursday for a visit.
She read your post and gave her sisters the search string and they Googled it over there...same as what we're seeing here. They showed it to her on their cams. We also had a girl in Thailand do the same search string and she saw the same thing.
I'll try to send some screen shots of it from Donekst and Belgorod while we're there or when we get back next Thursday,
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