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Default Copyrights

My supposition is creative copy placed on a website, while being produced for a client for use on a website, is in the absence of release in written form, the sole reproduction property of the author, including the design and any thing else not specifically provided by the client. True or False? Gotta situation where a client's non-related business associate likes his site so much he wants to copy it. If I'm doing it, fine. If not, write your own D*** copy & make an original design, don't copy mine. General consensus?

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If this is not in your signed agreement, it should be.

I'm not a lawyer, but the general consensus (by far!) is that copyright needs to to transferred in writing. Unlike other agreements, it cannot be done verbally, only in writing.

That means that unless your client has obtained a transfer of copyright to the web site from you, he is merely holding a license to use it.

My advice would be to get a free initial consultation from a lawyer that works with copyright if someone else is copying the web site.
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The game being played is by the initial client. In summary, he's calling supposedly representing the other party who refuses to talk to me until he gets a price. Initial client is too stupid to play the game properly & it's obvious he's trying to profiteer off me by getting a quote without all specifics needed & quoting said additional party a higher price. It's a nice gig, 6 sites & all, but obviously need to know all additional needs prior to quote. A terse phone call that has me ready to shut his site down alltogether. J____ss still owes me remaining scratch for that one anyway. In sincerety, forgive my lack of brevity, I'm P____ off...

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http://www.plagiarismtoday.com is a good resource:




And check out their stock letters at :http://www.plagiarismtoday.com/stock-letters/

(sorry for all the links but his navigation could use some work.
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Originally Posted by DWcourse View Post
thx! this helped a lot
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