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Default What not to do

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Originally Posted by davidj View Post
Jeezus. Hey at least you can say each design is bespoke. No Template Monster there!
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OMG! Frontpage is still alive!
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If my answer helped, check out DWcourse.com for Dreamweaver tips and tutorials.
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so thats what they mean by it should stay in vegas
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Originally Posted by davidj View Post
What Not To Do
Quid Pro Quo...
For his market he's dead on... His target client base is small, local, Vegas old school, a mindset that deliberately celebrates appalling taste & gaudy as an art form to be cherished. Established locals detest the Johnnie-come-lately corporate Vegas so he's making a statement akin to what we in Texas would refer to as the good 'ol boys club. "I'm one of you"... Consider one finds in Vegas 70 year old women in miniskirts, Elvis in every conceivable manifestation of tacky, etc. All tongue in cheek... I bet he does well...
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