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Question Themedreamer

Hi all

Does anyone know how you get Themedreamer to work in Dreamweaver?

Actually, to be more specific, I am having trouble setting up my site to display the dynamic content. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance
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Never used this but if you're getting into theming WordPress you should know HTML and CSS well enough to be A using code view and B know how to set up a local testing environment and therefore not need this extension. I just think you'll find it hard going otherwise. IMO

To install you have three parts.

1. Install the extension its self using the Adobe Extension Manager.

2. You then need to set up a local testing environment. If youre using a PC use WAMP or if you are using a Mac use MAMP. This will enable you to work with dynamic content locally.

3. Finally set up your Dreamweaver site to work with WAMP or MAMP.

All sounds complicated but it isn't really. I use MAMP myself and its very easy to set up and use.

Theres a video tut on this site explaining how to set up both Mamp and Wamp I think its WAMP any way check.

If you're still struggling come back and I may record a video for you if I have the time but this would be using MAMP as I use a Mac.
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