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Old 06-29-2010, 01:13 PM   #1
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Default Flash killer?

Could apple kill flash? maybe not kill but its certainly going to have an impact on its market share.

Flash wont work on the Ipad and judging by sales of said 'gadg' we will have to start producing alternate content for the millions of IPad users unless we can afford to ignore them. (I suppose we should be doing that already)

Anyhoo, my point is really based on video. Youtube has conformed to HTML5 <video protocol but there are many who havnt. Its easier for a developer to just use this new <tag as an optional delivery vehicle so in time, when everyone is using nice, modern browsers, they will move away from the flash method as the other is easier, faster and just better to implement.

So where does this leave flash?

I'm sure there will be flash sites kicking about but I reckon apple will bring out its own version of flash in order to deliver enhanced sites which work on its platform/s under its control (apple being a bit of a control freak n all).

Another technology to develop in!

What do you guys think?
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i dont think the fight is over yet, seems from what i heard android id fat on the heels of apple and with the reports of the new iphone being less than glowing i think all this could change after a while. Maybe.
also i heard a snippet of some software in development which as a third party plug in allows cross OS ability to use different technology, and if this is true and viable , im sure flash will be in its sights
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