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Default Can't create new site in DW8 on Win7

I've moved from XP to Win7 on a new computer and reinstalled DW8. Installation went OK, no errors. I was able to create two sites in Manage Sites, but now have a problem. When I try and create a new site - Manage Sites>New - and connect with the site home and image folder on my disk, DW displays the path to the folder above the home folder on the disk. I tried hand-typing the correct path but same result. When I click OK on the Manage Sites window I get a warning message that says "The new site is inside an existing folder ....". DW won't allow any new sites to be created in the expected way. I tried reinstalling but same result. Have I caused this problem with an unnoticed key combination or some other mistake? Has anyone seen this behavior with DW8 on Win7?
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It's a bug in Dreamweaver and certain versions of Windows (more info: http://dwcourse.com/dreamweaver/wind...ot-folder.php). Odds are it's affect one or more of your sites. So go back and make sure the local root folder is set correctly for all of them.
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I find that doing a CR after manually typing either the correct path to the folders makes DW8 correctly accept the path entered. After getting pointed to several other threads on this topic I see its a bug know from 2004 at least and a real puzzle that Adobe/MM haven't fixed it.
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