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Default Scrolling Thumbnail Panel

Hi Guys

Just wondering if someone can help me out with this. I made a Scrolling Thumbnail Panel , it's nothing exciting, just a basic 8 image panel that people can scroll through and click on the image they want to be brought to a new page. The problem I'm having is that when i put the flash file onto my site even if some one moves their mouse over the menu tabs the opposite side of the web page the images in the thumbnail panel start moving. Is their any way just to get the images to only move when the mouse goes over them. I taught i got the code right to make that happen but i must have missed something along the way. The code i used is this:

panel.onRollOver = panelOver;

function panelOver() {
this.onEnterFrame = scrollPanel;
delete this.onRollOver;

var b = stroke.getBounds(_root);

function scrollPanel() {
if(_xmouse<b.xMin || _xmouse>b.xMax || _ymouse<b.yMin || _ymouse>b.yMax) {
this.onRollOver = panelOver;
delete this.onEnterFrame;

if(panel._x >= 65) {
panel._x = 65;

if(panel._x <= -684) {
panel._x = -684;

var xdist = _xmouse - 250;

panel._x += Math.round(-xdist / 20);

I would be really thankful if someone could help with this.
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