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Default breaks at work and what if you cant do something?

hi, after school i will be getting a job as a web developer in an office i hope, my questions are ,

1- how often and for how long do you get breaks to rest your hands. 8 hours of typing is a lot.

2- what if you dont know how to do something? do they fire you? or can you ask another senior developer or do you look up a tutorial real quick?
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Hehe this post made me laugh, but I'll try my best

1. You'll find that there's much more to the job than just coding, I would not worry about it unless you're hired in as a code monkey. In which case you have to ask yourself if this really is what you want to do. Seriously, if you worry about coding too much, maybe a coding job is not for you.

2. Learn it. It's part of the job.
But, if you said you could code CSS in your sleep, and then when you get a task doing it and you can't, I would fire you. Just be up front about your skills and abilities.=
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My father had a job when he was young shovelling coal onto trucks for delivery, in the middle of a snow storm, blizard like, he put on a jacket. He was promptly fired for not working hard enough, as if he was, he would be warm enough.
I guess it depends who you work for
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