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Default not sure what is wrong here

I cannot get something to work and was hoping someone can tell me what I am doing wrong. I purchased the following image header from istock:


It comes with a jpg, fla, swf file. I put this whole folder in my images file and uploaded it to my site. (after I replaced the images with my own, replacing his by saving over them with the same file names. Then I did an insert, media fla, and chose the fla file. I also tried inserting a swf with the swf file too. In both cases, it shows the block where the images should be and has that little circle that indicates something is loading but it never does. If you scroll over it you can see the name of the image. I did upload it to my site. But I still saw the same blank box with the little circle. It never loads. I am inserting it into the editable block where my header was. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? See read me file below.

Very simple Image Gallery Header that is fully dynamic meaning that the images load in from a directory and the text loads in from a plain text file YOU DO NOT NEED FLASH, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO EDIT XML, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE PHP all you need to do is resize (image size: 535 x 170 pixeli) & rename (1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg) your images and put them in the right folder (images), edit the txt file (text_here.txt) to change the header description and then upload all of the files and folders to your site and place flash inside your HTML. if you want to change a picture or two just upload the new images into the right folder (keep the filenames the same) and your done.
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OK... it's definitely the .swf you ned to insert, not the .fla.

it sounds like the path to yourimages is incorrect... very difficult to debug though without seeing what you've done/changed...


edit: you say you've saved over the original images, have you save them as the same file type? Sounds obvious I know but if you have .pngs and the flash islooking for jpegs this would answer it...Just a thought.
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