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Post Linking to a specific SLIDING panel

I'm trying to link to a specific Spry SLIDING panel (not a tabbed panel) from a remote link. I'm sure this can be done using SpryURLUtils.js as I've successfully achieved the result with tabbed panels. There's not as much online information on doing this with sliding panels, though, and I've had no luck experimenting on my own.

Can anyone help?

Here are two example pages of the pages in question:

:: http://www.studiohyperset.com/sandbo...ressionist.php
:: http://www.studiohyperset.com/sandbo...ifeFlowers.htm

The user launches the second page from the first and should be able to get back to the second sliding panel on the first page by clicking "RETURN." Right now, when the user clicks "RETURN," s/he returns to the first slide in the sequence.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Originally Posted by oqm4 View Post
This seems to be working ok for me in Chrome. What browser are you using?
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