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Exclamation In Serious Need of Flash Help

Hello, i'm a year 11 media student and for one of our unit's we have to do web authoring. Trouble is i'm problems sorting out all the flash stuff on my homepage, and my teacher is rather reluctant to help.

So i've taken the problem into my own hands and come here.

Basically, we're doing a website about Woods End Centre which is this activity place in France. So i'd edited a picture of a girl swinging on a zip wire, put this into flash and made a fancy little animation of her swinging from one place to another. But now here's my problem, i've followed step by step a tutorial from OCR (i'd link you, but it' located on the school system, well worth a try anyway: \\rhsserv06\Students\Pupil Resources\ICT\KS4\OCR National\Unit 20\animation\Unit20_basic_tweening.html) but now when i put it onto my dreamweaver index, it shows while i'm on dreamweaver but love nor money can get it to appear when i'm looking at a preview of it.

Here's a few pictures of what it is:

This is what i see when i'm editing if i haven't pressed play.

Here is what i see when i do press play.

Then this is what i see in the preview, can't even go down into the space where it's supposed to be.

If anyone can help i'll be eternally grateful.


P.S. Lesson is until quarter past 12, so anytime before that would be really helpful, cheers
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There must be something wrong with your code..
Catch my drift?
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Originally Posted by domedia View Post
There must be something wrong with your code..
Catch my drift?
I can't see the code !?

oh... I get it
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Doh - put an reply here - but realised how old this thread is and Ktanners request for a prompt answer... I'm new in here... I'll get with it. Durr.

My replay just clarified it was Dreamweavers code not any ActionScript coding that we needed to see.

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