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Default local directory and viewing straight? flash?

hey david or anyone else who can help....

u know i was trying to put some php in flash right

in 1 of the tut

you have a php file with &x=$y

x is a var in flash and y bein the php var your used 2

and before that you have $y = "some string"

now when i produce the flash file and publish it 2 get a html and then click on the file i get a textbox which is suppose 2 show &x

but when clicking on itin the folder through explorer or viewing via dreamweaver i get in the txtbox........$y

and when i go to the directory.....via localhost...and then click on the same page the txtbox shows.....the string....

i need it to show the string.....whats actually going to show when i upload my files on to the webhosting server?
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is this a flash question?

you need to lay out your questions with allot more details

i don't have a clue what your on about here

if your asking ... what would happen if i upload to the server then you deserve a Chinese burn. Try and upload to the server and find out yourself
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