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Question Auto Link

Hi there. At the moment I have an html web page that I am building in Macromedia Dreamweaver 8. I have a flash object and i was wondering if it was possible to set it so that as soon as the flash object has finished playing the web page would change to a different one - an 'auto link'


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Only if you have the flash software, and it's in the 'basic' actionscript menu if I remember right, getURL.
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Yup, like dom said, you need Flash to do this. If you have it just create a new layer at the top of all your other layers. Then, on the very last frame of your whole project add an action in the action layer. The action is one of the flash preset ones so it's very easy and it is called getURL. It's under the Global functions, Browser/Network, getURL.

It will look like this:

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if the flash contains nothing more than straight forward vectors and it doesnt include any imported images like heavy jpg's or gif's then you could cheat by timing the flash movie then adding a refresh tag to the page to redirect after a timed interval. This will need to be tested and will only work if the flash is very lite and doesnt need preloading

not best practice but it may work
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