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Cool web photogallery

I am trying to put up one of the template galleries photoshop has. I'm not very good at changing html code, BUT i want to learn . . . . .
The thing is i'm uploading the simple / vertical thumnails one . . . . . BUT the big image when i click on my thumbnail is smaller than my real photo, and there is a lot of empty space in that gray square. (can i also change the color of the big square?).
I have looked into the code of the photos.js file, the photos.xml file . I changed the size of each of my images for the bigger one i have. . . . my image size size is 460x360 and the gallery dropped it down by default to 250x189 . But the change does not show in my browser window . . . so i guess i'm not changing the size in the exact place in the code

Can any one tell me where do i have to change the size to my image bigger size?
I am also trying to customize my background and the other colors , but dont know exactly which and where on the codes i should do this.

Please if anyone can give me suggestions. THANKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKks very much.

I am sure these templates can take any changes, and customize them as i wish, but where exactly i have to go to do this, is which of the files the gallery gives me.
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you have to edit the style sheet, its in

and edit the index.htm, you can change the bg color in the body tag, and ThumbnailFrame.htm..

And if you remove this... %image_width% %image_height%
from the image tag, your picture should show full size, but you have to edit every page in the pages/ folder
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