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Default Problem connecting to FTP server with Dreamweaver

I've just upgraded my web design app from Adobe GoLive 6 to Dreamweaver CS3. I have two different sites that are hosted by two different servers. I can't seem to connect to either using the exact settings that I used in GoLive (which still work, and I'm uploading the sites by transferring all files from the Dreamweaver folder to the old GoLive site - very annoying)

Is there something obviously different between the setup of the two programs?
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I don't know Golive, but connecting to a site is pretty straight forward process.
Make sure you know what you're doing and have read the help files/manual on connecting to your server. Golive is not DW so there's bound to be something different.
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The settings to connect to the remote server should be just the same in both apps, I would think. Same URL, same folder where the site is uploaded to, username, password, etc. That's why I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. As I mentioned, the same ftp settings still work a charm in GoLive.
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