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Unhappy Need help with this graphic.

Hey guys. How do i link the different region of a map to different web page without using flash?

An example would be like this http://www.realestate.com.au/

Is it by using layers? if so i would really need some help about doing it. thx
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Taken from:

Hi, Ive got an image of a MAP, on it it has variouse campuses from my university, I want to make it so that when you click on my campus(a blue dot) it will change the image and put the map of my campus. Is this possible?

With your map image showing, look in the lower left of the property inspector and you will see three shapes. Click on the circle shaped one and then draw a circle around your blue dot. This turns it into a link. Then fill in the appropriate link, target and alt boxes. You will have to do this for each "blue dot" and create a page for each map to link to. Not sure if this is what you had in mind but it is a way of turning part of a picture into a link.
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Default thx

thx alot! problem solved =D
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