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Default Auto E Mail from form Submission

Here is situation (from my previous post)

Have a potential client who currently has a web site (not mine) for a referral business. Currently he is receiving the form results via e mail (form mail), manually matching the zip code from the form to a list of counselorís zip codes and then manually sending an e-mail to the original inquirer with the counselors name and contact information.

Heís now up to about 125 inquiries per day and wants an automated solution. Sounds perfect for a backend database and a program to match the zip codes and generate an e mail to the client.

This is way beyond me at this point but want to be sure I was on the right track in my overall thinking. Is so, is a DB + Match and Mail program a big thing for a seasoned PHP (or other language) programmer?

Client is in Michigan, USA

The site he is looking to enhance is


Beyond the introduction stage, I would not be involved with the project and you would deal directly with him.

If anyone interested please drop me a note along with some sites you have done and I will pass on to him.

Fred Renner
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this isnt that hard to do...

ill step back and allow some of the young ones to give this a shot

i will be on hand if anyone wants to take this on but requires a push in the right direction. If you dont get any takers i will take this on.
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