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there is nothing stopping you use that behaviour

you have to understand that DW adds allot of ballast to the code it writes

It asumes that you may want access level checking and writes code to handle it but if you dont need that level of security in your App then DW still writes it but switches it off with something like ...

PHP Code:
$access_level false
its ok to learn how to push buttons that writes code but wouldnt it be better to learn how to code first? and if you know how to code then why would you want to push the buttons in the first place?..

A Paradox... Always wanted to create one of those.. !
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We use abstract layers in our software all the time. If we didn't I would be tagging text in my text editor instead of pushing buttons to make headers and bold text. Dreamweaver just adds another abstract layer to making webpages. It works as long as nothing goes wrong. When something goes wrong and you can't understand the underlying layer (the code), you're screwed.
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simply put, you will be limited to what dreamweaver offers, not want you want to create
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