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Default HELP Text cell of pages not sticking to cell widths of template

Hello all and happy new year!

I have a problem with a website i am designing. I needed the site to fit the browser window so that the user did not have to scroll horizontally...to do this i changed the dimensions of the template table to w = 1000px H = 600 px. This is how the template is designed


Video/audio goes into the right cell - however the center cell (Where the text goes) is where i am having the most trouble. The cell expanded with the text instead of the text fitting the dimensions of the cell. In order to correct this i defined the width of the cell 775px and used this code

<td width="775px" style="table-layout:fixed"

This fixed the problem with most pages

However some pages expanded with the text as did the top banner; despite me changing the template code

So there is my problem. IM banking on your guys new year good will.. please i really am stuck!

If i can make it any clearer just say

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without looking at your code im going to have to guess at the cause of your problem.

first of all, try putting pixel widths on all of your inner td's - eg:
<td style="width:200px;"> code here </td> and make sure they add up to the width of the outter most td (your first table in other words)

make sure your images have a width and height also..
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