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Old 06-16-2006, 04:06 AM   #1
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Default forum plugin/of the shelf - options

a possible client (possibally) wants a forum to be part of his site. I have absolutly no experience in building one (nor much in php) but does anyone kno of an open source plug in forum (or i would be prepared to buy one aswel [of the shelf product])

any feedback is greatly welcome
Cheers - Chris
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Old 06-16-2006, 05:40 AM   #2
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these of intrest?
http://www.phpbb.com/ or http://www.simplemachines.org/
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Old 06-20-2006, 03:54 AM   #3
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Join Date: Aug 2005
Location: Bali
Posts: 11,214

just came across a list of forum sites.


Invision Power Board - http://www.invisionboard.com
MercuryBoard - http://www.mercuryboard.com
OpenBB - http://www.openbb.com
Phorum - http://www.phorum.org
phpBB - http://www.phpbb.com
vBulletin - http://www.vbulletin.com
UBB.threads - http://www.infopop.com/products/ubbthreads
WoltLab Burning Board - http://www.woltlab.de
XMB - http://www.xmbforum.com 
YaBBSE - http://www.yabb.info 
Zorum - http://www.zorum.com


e-blah! - http://www.eblah.com
Discus - http://www.discusware.com/discus
IkonBoard - http://www.ikonboard.com
UBB.classic - http://www.infopop.com/products/ubbclassic
YaBB - http://www.yabbforum.com


IdealBB - http://www.idealbb.com 
Snitz Forums - http://forum.snitz.com 
WebWizGuide Forums - http://www.webwizguide.info/web_wiz...um_download.asp (Access2000 or SQL-Server2000)
Toast Forums - http://www.toastforums.com/ (MDAC or SQL-Server)
VieBoard - http://www.vienuke.com/vie/portal.asp. (Though its more of a portal than a forum software)
ASP DEvXM - www.asp-dev.com/main.asp?page=1 (SQL-Server2000)

Remotely Hosted:

DiscussionApp - http://server.com/communityapps/discussionapp
ezboard - http://www.ezboard.com
FreeWebWare Forum - http://freewebware.com/info/tools/forum.html
InvisionFree - http://www.invisionfree.com
MyForum.net - http://www.myforum.net
MyForums.net - http://www.myforums.net
MyIkonBoard - http://www.myikonboard.com
OpenTopic - http://www.infopop.com/products/opentopic
ProBoards - http://www.proboards.com
Rapid Forum - http://www.rapidforum.com
Sudden Launch - http://www.suddenlaunch.com
Website Toolbox - http://www.websitetoolbox.net/tools...p?action=mboard
zeroforum - http://www.zeroforum.com 
TalkThis - http://www.talkthis.com/
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