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Default Link colors

Suppose I have the following two links:

Activities Committee
Eastern State Penitentiary

and I want the first one to appear in maroon color, and I want the second one to appear in blue color. How do I set the colors?

(Yes, I know this something strange to do, but the client insists.)
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I would set my link color in my ".css" file or style header.

A:link, A:active, A:visited {color: #xxxxxx;

then use the <font color=#xxxxxx"> tag inside the anchor of the link I wanted to display in a different color.
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Set up 2 different CSS classes for links:

a.product:link {color: yellow;}
a.product:visited {color: yellow;}
a.product:hover {color: red;}
a.product:active {color: yellow;}

a.sample:link {color: blue;}
a.sample:visited {color: blue;}
a.sample:hover {color: green;}
a.sample:active {color: blue;}
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