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Default jpg - gif

i am trying to make the background of my jpg transparent, i was told to lift(cut) the foreground of jpg and paste onto transparent background. and save as gif.

i just downloaded photoshop trial, can someone explain, in detail, how to do this?

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Creative Insanity
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Open your image in PS.
Select all with Ctrl +A.
Copy the image Ctrl+C.
Create a new canvas (Ctrl +n) with transparent background.
Paste your copied image into the new blank canvas, Ctrl+V.

From the tool panel (on left) select the wand tool and click on the bg of the image and press del.
Now go Image -> Trim and hit ok at the diolog.
Now save for web Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S (or select save for web from the file menu).
Set your matt colour to the same as your webpage bg colour and then save.
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