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I figured how to do a pop-up menu in fireworks and export it to dreamweaver. But after that i'm clueless.

The same pop-up menu i want to put it in several other pages. Does the mm_menu.js file generated by fireworks have to be in every directory of the other pages in my site folder??? And also the images of the pop-up menu too??

I cant seemed to get a proper explanation on the web on how to do it. But I did read that both in dreamweaver and fireworks their pop-up menus are horrible and dont wont. Is this true??

Any help would be appreciated!
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Old 01-16-2006, 08:07 AM   #2
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please dont use FW to do this

use DW to do your javascript magic and FW to do pretty stuff
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Hi p_hirani

Not sure if it's the best way to create dropdown menus but it worked for me!


Link changed.
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