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Default A responsive website with the ability to zoom images in IE 11?

Hello! I have been at this for a week now. I have visited the Adobe forums, several other HTML/CSS forums, and read many different tutorials and watched many different videos to no avail.

I am trying to create a fully responsive website with the exception that when viewing on a desktop computer, I am allowed to use IE 11'S "CTRL +" zoom feature to resize the website. Naturally, text always gets bigger when zooming (as it should), but when inserting a responsive image in Dreamweaver, the image always stays locked to the width of the browser window, and I can't zoom that image in at all.

To clarify, I still want the images to resize automatically (responsively) when using mobile devices, I just want to be able to when I zoom the web browser (specifically and most importantly for my own sanity, Internet Explorer 11) the image will grow as well as the text, creating a horizontal scroll bar.

I have been asked to build this website, and did some convincing to use a responsive website, but this is the one part that I cannt figure out for some reason.

If someone could help me with this, I would be so grateful. Thank you! ;- )
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