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Default How To Put a Link in a TabbedPanels Tab?


I'm crazy about the thing that tabbed panels are just for navigating the same page. There're some solutions how to link from a link to another page's Panel Tab. But I would actually want to put a link in a PanelTab to link to another page's Tab or even anchored place on another page. In other words: is it possible to convert a TabbedPanel to a Navigation Menu?

The reason for that is that I want to gather content from different pages of my website onto one page and combine it with a content of that page.

Sorry if I didn't make it clear or if it's too crazy. Unfortunately I'm a very beginner in dreamweaver (CS4) and in coding at all...

thank you for your answers, in advance
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rather than trying to force tabbed panels to work, I'd see if you can find a jQuery menu solution that does what you want. It would be cleaner.
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Thank you, DWcourse

Actually I'm really slow at learning coding, so maybe an option with jQuery is not so suitable to me.
But why not Perl or PHP? I just recently converted my website to PHP. So I could better stuck with it for a while...?!

After some experimenting I found out that the list of "TabbedPanelsTabGroup" is connected with DIV's of the "TabbedPanelsContentGroup" in straight order. If for example, I delete one content DIV from the existing 5 DIVs in "TabbedPanelsContentGroup", then the rest 4 <div class="TabbedPanelsContent"> Divs joins the first 4 Tab lists of the <ul class="TabbedPanelsTabGroup">.

This way I actually can make the last Tab to link to another page by adding <a href... code. Otherwise (leaving the number of tabs and tabsContent to equal) a link in a Tab list's code doesn't work. It simply directs to existing "TabbedPanelsContent" DIV.

So now the problem is - how to assign the first "TabbedPanelsContent's" DIV to a second Tab in a list (assuming I can now make a link in a Tab by deleting some "TabbedPanelsContent" DIVs ) so that I could have a free channel to make a first Tab to link to ANOTHER PAGE?

In your opinion - if it's still possible or better forget it at all?
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