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Default Distinct records dataset display

Hello Everyone, back again with some more questions for the group!

I'm developing a database driven application in which I show a group of people. I have a database of people in which some individuals have more than one instance of address or location. On my database this is shown as a duplicate record. (example below)

Whenever I try to display the record in an ASP dataset within my page I get duplicate instances of the same record (which I know is logical taking into account the way it's laid out on the database). My question is: are there any ways around it? is there a way in which I can display just one name and then two instances of all their biographical info?

Thank you!
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are you hand coding this

i know a way to do what you want but DW cant do this meaning you have to hand code it
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Why don't you create another table called say MoreAddresses and relate to your user ID. That way you have one user who can have more addresses than one. You could also use Distinct on your query to only list the users that have a different name.
Hope it helps,

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