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Default help with minor addition to existing form...

My client has asked to add a comments box to her existing form which I've done but I have no idea about ASP.


Where amongst all this code do I add the necessary info for the comments box?

I'm still trying to get to grips with PHP but this seems a lot more complicated... any help much appreciated as it's needed asap and I don't really have time to learn ASP.


	'- Customization of these values is required, see documentation. -----------

   referers   = Array("www.firststepinuk.com", "firststepinuk.com")
   mailComp   = "CDOSYS"
   smtpServer = "mail.firststepinuk.com"
   fromAddr   = "enquiries@firststepinuk.com"

   '- End required customization section. -------------------------------------

   Response.Buffer = true
   errorMsgs = Array()

   'Check for form data.

   if Request.ServerVariables("Content_Length") = 0 then
     call AddErrorMsg("No form data submitted.")
   end if

   'Check if referer is allowed.

   if UBound(referers) >= 0 then
     validReferer = false
     referer = GetHost(Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_REFERER"))
     for each host in referers
       if host = referer then
         validReferer = true
       end if
     if not validReferer then
       if referer = "" then
         call AddErrorMsg("No referer.")
         call AddErrorMsg("Invalid referer: '" & referer & "'.")
       end if
     end if
   end if

   'Check for the recipients field.

   if Request.Form("_recipients") = "" then
     call AddErrorMsg("Missing email recipient.")
   end if

   'Check all recipient email addresses.

   recipients = Split(Request.Form("_recipients"), ",")
   for each name in recipients
     name = Trim(name)
     if not IsValidEmailAddress(name) then
       call AddErrorMsg("Invalid email address in recipient list: " & name & ".")
     end if
   recipients = Join(recipients, ",")

   'Get replyTo email address from specified field, if given, and check it.

   name = Trim(Request.Form("_replyToField"))
   if name <> "" then
     replyTo = Request.Form(name)
     replyTo = Request.Form("_replyTo")
   end if
   if replyTo <> "" then
     if not IsValidEmailAddress(replyTo) then
       call AddErrorMsg("Invalid email address in reply-to field: " & replyTo & ".")
     end if
   end if

   'Get subject text.

   subject = Request.Form("_subject")

   'If required fields are specified, check for them.

   if Request.Form("_requiredFields") <> "" then
     required = Split(Request.Form("_requiredFields"), ",")
     for each name in required
       name = Trim(name)
       if Left(name, 1) <> "_" and Request.Form(name) = "" then
         call AddErrorMsg("Missing value for " & name)
       end if
   end if

   'If a field order was given, use it. Otherwise use the order the fields were
   'received in.

   str = ""
   if Request.Form("_fieldOrder") <> "" then
     fieldOrder = Split(Request.Form("_fieldOrder"), ",")
     for each name in fieldOrder
       if str <> "" then
         str = str & ","
       end if
       str = str & Trim(name)
     fieldOrder = Split(str, ",")
     fieldOrder = FormFieldList()
   end if

   'If there were no errors, build the email note and send it.

   if UBound(errorMsgs) < 0 then

     'Build table of form fields and values.

     body = "<table border=""0"" cellpadding=""2"" cellspacing=""0"">" & vbCrLf
     for each name in fieldOrder
       body = body _
            & "<tr valign=""top"">" _
            & "<td><b>" & name & ":</b></td>" _
            & "<td>" & Request.Form(name) & "</td>" _
            & "</tr>" & vbCrLf
     body = body & "</table>" & vbCrLf

     'Add a table for any requested environmental variables.

     if Request.Form("_envars") <> "" then
       body = body _
            & "<p>&nbsp;</p>" & vbCrLf _
            & "<table border=""0"" cellpadding=""2"" cellspacing=""0"">" & vbCrLf
       envars = Split(Request.Form("_envars"), ",")
       for each name in envars
         name = Trim(name)
         body = body _
              & "<tr valign=""top"">" _
              & "<td><b>" & name & ":</b></td>" _
              & "<td>" & Request.ServerVariables(name) & "</td>" _
              & "</tr>" & vbCrLf
       body = body & "</table>" & vbCrLf
     end if

     'Send it.

     str = SendMail()
     if str <> "" then
     end if

     'Redirect if a URL was given.

     if Request.Form("_redirect") <> "" then
     end if

   end if

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"

<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xml:lang="en" lang="en">
	<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
	<meta name="keywords" content="Bristol Accomodation, English Course, Come to Bristol, Go to Bristol, Share House, Au Pair, Study English, English School, Come to England" />
	<title>First Step In UK - Cont&aacute;ctenos</title>
	<link rel="stylesheet" href="/stylesheets/master.css" type="text/css" media="screen" title="master" charset="utf-8" />
	<!--[if IE 6]>
	<link rel="stylesheet" href="/stylesheets/ie6.css" type="text/css" media="screen" title="ie6 fixes" charset="utf-8" />
	<!--[if IE 7]> 
	<link rel="stylesheet" href="/stylesheets/ie7.css" type="text/css" media="screen" title="ie6 fixes" charset="utf-8" />


	<div id="container">
		<div id="header">
		<div id="nav" class="spain">
			<ul id="menu">
			<li><a href="index.htm">Inicio</a></li>
			<li><a href="services.htm">Servicios</a></li>
			<li><a href="why-bristol.htm">&iquest;Por qu&eacute; Bristol?</a></li>
			<li><a href="links.htm">Links</a></li>
		<div id="content">
			<div id="mainContent" class="clearfix">
				<div id="mainContentInner">				
					<% if UBound(errorMsgs) >= 0 then %>
					<p>The form could not be processed due to the following errors:</p>
					<%   for each msg in errorMsgs %>
					  <li class="error"><% = msg %></li>
					<%   next %>
					<% end if %>
			<div id="servicesContent" class="clearfix">
				<ul id="homeServices">
					<li id="auPair">
						<h3>Au Pair</h3>
						<p>Work and learn English</p>
						<p><a href="services-aupair.htm">Find out more</a></p>

					<li id="accom">
						<p>Guaranteed from arrival</p>
						<p><a href="services-accomodation.htm">Find out more</a></p>

					<li id="english">
						<h3>English courses</h3>
						<p>Student residency and summer courses</p>
						<p><a href="services-english.htm">Find out more</a></p>
		<div id="footer">
			&copy; FirstStepinUK.com 2007 . <a href="contact-us.htm">contact us</a>

<% '---------------------------------------------------------------------------
   ' Subroutines and functions.

   sub AddErrorMsg(msg)

     dim n

    'Add an error message to the list.

     n = UBound(errorMsgs)
     Redim Preserve errorMsgs(n + 1)
     errorMsgs(n + 1) = msg
   end sub

   function GetHost(url)

     dim i, s

     GetHost = ""

     'Strip down to host or IP address and port number, if any.

     if Left(url, 7) = "http://" then
       s = Mid(url, 8)
     elseif Left(url, 8) = "https://" then
       s = Mid(url, 9)
     end if
     i = InStr(s, "/")
     if i > 1 then
       s = Mid(s, 1, i - 1)
     end if

     getHost = s

   end function

   'Define the global list of valid TLDs.

   dim validTlds

   function IsValidEmailAddress(emailAddr)

     dim i, localPart, domain, charCode, subdomain, subdomains, tld

     'Check for valid syntax in an email address.

     IsValidEmailAddress = true

     'Parse out the local part and the domain.

     i = InStrRev(emailAddr, "@")
     if i <= 1 then
       IsValidEmailAddress = false
       exit function
     end if
     localPart = Left(emailAddr, i - 1)
     domain = Mid(emailAddr, i + 1)
     if Len(localPart) < 1 or Len(domain) < 3 then
       IsValidEmailAddress = false
       exit function
     end if

     'Check for invalid characters in the local part.

     for i = 1 to Len(localPart)
       charCode = Asc(Mid(localPart, i, 1))
       if charCode < 32 or charCode >= 127 then
         IsValidEmailAddress = false
         exit function
       end if

     'Check for invalid characters in the domain.

     domain = LCase(domain)
     for i = 1 to Len(domain)
       charCode = Asc(Mid(domain, i, 1))
       if not ((charCode >= 97 and charCode <= 122) or (charCode >= 48 and charCode <= 57) or charCode = 45 or charCode = 46) then
         IsValidEmailAddress = false
         exit function
       end if

     'Check each subdomain.

     subdomains = Split(domain, ".")
     for each subdomain in subdomains
       if Len(subdomain) < 1 then
         IsValidEmailAddress = false
         exit function
       end if

     'Last subdomain should be a TDL.

     tld = subdomains(UBound(subdomains))
     if not IsArray(validTlds) then
       call SetValidTlds()
     end if
     for i = LBound(validTlds) to UBound(validTlds)
       if tld = validTlds(i) then
         exit function
       end if
     IsValidEmailAddress = false

   end function

   sub setValidTlds()

     'Load the global list of valid TLDs.

     validTlds = Array("aero", "biz", "com", "coop", "edu", "gov", "info", "int", "mil", "museum", "name", "net", "org", "pro", _
       "ac", "ad", "ae", "af", "ag", "ai", "al", "am", "an", "ao", "aq", "ar", "as", "at", "au", "aw", "az", _
       "ba", "bb", "bd", "be", "bf", "bg", "bh", "bi", "bj", "bm", "bn", "bo", "br", "bs", "bt", "bv", "bw", "by", "bz", _
       "ca", "cc", "cd", "cf", "cg", "ch", "ci", "ck", "cl", "cm", "cn", "co", "cr", "cu", "cv", "cx", "cy", "cz", _
       "de", "dj", "dk", "dm", "do", "dz", "ec", "ee", "eg", "eh", "er", "es", "et", _
       "fi", "fj", "fk", "fm", "fo", "fr", _
       "ga", "gd", "ge", "gf", "gg", "gh", "gi", "gl", "gm", "gn", "gp", "gq", "gr", "gs", "gt", "gu", "gw", "gy", _
       "hk", "hm", "hn", "hr", "ht", "hu", _
       "id", "ie", "il", "im", "in", "io", "iq", "ir", "is", "it", _
       "je", "jm", "jo", "jp", _
       "ke", "kg", "kh", "ki", "km", "kn", "kp", "kr", "kw", "ky", "kz", _
       "la", "lb", "lc", "li", "lk", "lr", "ls", "lt", "lu", "lv", "ly", _
       "ma", "mc", "md", "mg", "mh", "mk", "ml", "mm", "mn", "mo", "mp", "mq", "mr", "ms", "mt", "mu", "mv", "mw ", "mx", "my", "mz", _
       "na", "nc", "ne", "nf", "ng", "ni", "nl", "no", "np", "nr", "nu", "nz", _
       "om", _
       "pa", "pe", "pf", "pg", "ph", "pk", "pl", "pm", "pn", "pr", "ps", "pt", "pw", "py", _
       "qa", _
       "re", "ro", "ru", "rw", _
       "sa", "sb", "sc", "sd", "se", "sg", "sh", "si", "sj", "sk", "sl", "sm", "sn", "so", "sr", "st", "sv", "sy", "sz", _
       "tc", "td", "tf", "tg", "th", "tj", "tk", "tm", "tn", "to", "tp", "tr", "tt", "tv", "tw", "tz", _
       "ua", "ug", "uk", "um", "us", "uy", "uz", _
       "va", "vc", "ve", "vg", "vi", "vn", "vu", _
       "wf", "ws", _
       "ye", "yt", "yu", _
       "za", "zm", "zw")

   end sub

   function FormFieldList()

     dim str, i, name

     'Build an array of form field names ordered as they were received.

     str = ""
     for i = 1 to Request.Form.Count
       for each name in Request.Form
         if Left(name, 1) <> "_" and Request.Form(name) is Request.Form(i) then
           if str <> "" then
             str = str & ","
           end if
           str = str & name
           exit for
         end if
     FormFieldList = Split(str, ",")

   end function

   function SendMail()

     dim mailObj, cdoMessage, cdoConfig
     dim addrList

     'Send email based on mail component. Uses global variables for parameters
     'because there are so many.

     SendMail = ""

     'Send email (CDONTS version). Note: CDONTS has no error checking.

     if mailComp = "CDONTS" then
       set mailObj = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")
       mailObj.BodyFormat = 0
       mailObj.MailFormat = 0
       mailObj.From = fromAddr
       mailObj.Value("Reply-To") = replyTo
       mailObj.To = recipients
       mailObj.Subject = subject
       mailObj.Body = body
       set mailObj = Nothing
       exit function
     end if

     'Send email (CDOSYS version).

     if mailComp = "CDOSYS" then
       set cdoMessage = Server.CreateObject("CDO.Message")
       set cdoConfig = Server.CreateObject("CDO.Configuration")
       cdoConfig.Fields("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/sendusing") = 2
       cdoConfig.Fields("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/smtpserver") = smtpServer
       set cdoMessage.Configuration = cdoConfig
       cdoMessage.From =  fromAddr
       cdoMessage.ReplyTo = replyTo
       cdoMessage.To = recipients
       cdoMessage.Subject = subject
       cdoMessage.HtmlBody = body
       on error resume next
       if Err.Number <> 0 then
         SendMail = "Email send failed: " & Err.Description & "."
       end if
       set cdoMessage = Nothing
       set cdoConfig = Nothing
       exit function
     end if

     'Send email (JMail version).

     if mailComp = "JMail" then
       set mailObj = Server.CreateObject("JMail.SMTPMail")
       mailObj.Silent = true
       mailObj.ServerAddress = smtpServer
       mailObj.Sender = fromAddr
       mailObj.ReplyTo = replyTo
       mailObj.Subject = subject
       addrList = Split(recipients, ",")
       for each addr in addrList
         mailObj.AddRecipient Trim(addr)
       mailObj.ContentType = "text/html"
       mailObj.Body = body
       if not mailObj.Execute then
         SendMail = "Email send failed: " & mailObj.ErrorMessage & "."
       end if
       exit function
     end if

     'Send email (ASPMail version).

     if mailComp = "ASPMail" then
       set mailObj = Server.CreateObject("SMTPsvg.Mailer")
       mailObj.RemoteHost  = smtpServer
       mailObj.FromAddress = fromAddr
       mailObj.ReplyTo = replyTo
       for each addr in Split(recipients, ",")
         mailObj.AddRecipient "", Trim(addr)
       mailObj.Subject = subject
       mailObj.ContentType = "text/html"
       mailObj.BodyText = body
       if not mailObj.SendMail then
         SendMail = "Email send failed: " & mailObj.Response & "."
       end if
       exit function
    end if

   end function %>
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What kind of message box are talking about?

Any comment can be added on the body of the page as for asp the code you have is for emailing the info you have from the form.

Where do you want the comment box? on the email or on the actual page?

Needs clarification..perhaps that is why nobody answered your post before


DW | FW | HTML | CSS | ASP | some PHP | Windows | Ubuntu
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It's ok, I simply had to add the comments box to the html as the ASP code had already been written because an alternative language version of the website already had a comments box within the form.

Thanks anyway!
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