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Old 10-18-2007, 10:03 AM   #1
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Smile Date format

I am about to deliver a website with an Access database connection. Everything is working great except the date format. Originally when I set up the data table I used the default format for date/time in Access. After I made the connection in Dreamweaver I intended to highlight the date field and define the date form by going through Application/Format, which I did. Unfortunately nothing happens and no matter what I define I always get this format for the date: 15.10.2007 08:57:54. For this particular website this is a bit to much of a detail.
Does anyone have a solution?
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Old 10-18-2007, 07:32 PM   #2
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what that is is a date time stamp

try changing the field type from date / time stamp to date unless you want to retain that format in the db

in php there is a number of different option i have like using a substring function or an explode but im not sure what you have available in ASP
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Old 10-19-2007, 10:12 AM   #3
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Question Date again

Thank you for your reply davidj

In Access when you define the Data Type for the field in the table, you only have the Date/Time option. There is no separate Date or Time option. On the other hand you can choose a Format for the Date/Time option. You can actually choose from seven options. In my database I selected a date format only, no time format.
What bothers me is a complete lack of response from Dreamweaver. The software simply doesn’t respond to any of the options, but delivers the same number sequence again.
So I was hoping someone would have an answer here in the club, either to hand code or a DW solution.
Best regards
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Old 01-27-2008, 01:06 AM   #4
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What about changing your DB field to text instead of date and make sure you show the date on your script. I personally do that, also in case you want to upsize to MS SQL.

Dim sDate
sDate = "1/1/2008"

Response.Write sDate
<br />

<%= Response.write (FormatDateTime(sDate,1))%>
If does not apply to your problem. Please disregard.

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