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Default Dreamweaver Mx Hacked!


Something strange happened to me. One of the pages in my website was hacked by a Japanese hacker, who accidently left both his url and email within the corrupted page. He thought his data was more accurate, when in fact it was irrelevant. I blocked his url and emailed him in Japanese to let him know I was on to him, but that didn't stop him (or a cohort) from returning with silly phrases (this time inside Dreamweaver) such as "This is a fairy tale." Much of it is gibberish. I found three separate YouTube articles that showed me how to isolate active connections from foreigners. Using the cmd line with netstat /b and then /ano, I think I isolated the culprit again, but Windows 10 task bar, where I'm supposed to end the hacker's task, shows nothing. What can I do to plug the hacker hole in Dreamweaver and is it even possible? I re-installed Dreamweaver twice and recently reinstalled Windows 10. I followed three separate methods to isolate the culprit and take action, but I'm at a dead end. My virus protectors both say I'm clean, I have Windows 10 Firewall at its maximum protection, and received no satisfactory answers even in the Windows 10 Forum. What else can I do?

---- Wordcrafter
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What an odd situation. You tried everything I would try. Are you still having the issue?
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this was posted with similar issue 2 years ago sounds suspect to me
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