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Originally Posted by JBD View Post
I'm just wondering if anyone had any statistics or experience with optimum website width. I know years ago 800px was the safe standard and then around 960px more recently. With larger screens becoming ever popular (obviously mobile devices excluded) would a website of 1020px in width be user friendly for the majority or is this still too wide?
the standard width for a website

Because of improvements in technology and human behaviors web standards change. While, even few years ago the standard width of a website was 800px, nowadays it seems to be not enough pixels in a horizontal direction to show nicely content on the web.

The standard width is driven by a size of screens used by Internet users, and a resolution of those screens.

Let's see data about some popular websites, and a width of the biggest wrapper of the page:
  • NYT.com - 972px
  • Cnn.com - 1002px
  • Facebook - 980px
Another source of the decision about a width of your website should be data collected by Google Analytics which you have probably connected to your site. It shows statistic about a resolution among your users.

According to data from W3School Display Statistics, if you use resolution around 1000px, you will cover more than 96% of Internet users.
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I still imagine it's a better idea to choose 960px as this will ensure that the 14% of users who still have a 1024px wide screen also see a well displayed website rather than the design either right to the edge of the screen or worse a horizontal scroll bar.
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Remember that w3school (which is not very popular in the web dev community due to the quality of their articles and their non-friendly relations to W3C) only list the stats for their own site.

Look at your own server logs. There's no point in designing a site for another sites users.

Hostingbee, what is the point of just copying this page:
http://www.royaldeerdesign.com/blog,...e_now,312.html ?

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