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Default hotmail alert

would it be possible to create an alert that when hotmail is added in a form field, a warning would pop up but the process would still continue. I am thinking 'if you are using hotmail ten please check your bulk folders for any reply ' kinda message
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if the html looks like this:

<input id="email" type="text"><span id="msg"></span>
the following javascript would work

window.onload = function() { //when the document loads

  var $ = function (el) { //create a function to return an element by id

    return  document.getElementById(el); // return the element


  $('email').onblur = function() { //when email field loses focus

    var emailAddress = $('email').value; // get whan the user typed in

    var emailProvider = emailAddress.split("@"); // split input 

    var emailProvider = emailProvider[1]; // get domain

    if(emailProvider == 'hotmail.com' || emailProvider == 'msn.com' || emailProvider == 'live.com') {

      $('msg').innerHTML = 'Put your message here'; // if hotmail or msn or live then alert the user



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