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Default Please - I Need Help For Hire - Css Page

I am struggling with my css page. I have been at this so long, I have roots growing through my chair, and my hair is almost completely gone.

edbr has been helping me, however I don't think he realized my brain capacity....will it's fried!

What I need is someone to look at my original home page, done in Tables:
http://www.thepicklepatch.net This is how I want it to look.

I have been advised to use divs, and happy to do so after reading Corrosive's "Stuff You Should Know". I have made several attempts and the results of my efforts are at: http://thepicklepatch.net/test.html

The page floats away from the contents when you re size the browser window. I have reset absolutes, relative, fixed, etc. nothing works.

I need my 4 images with text to look like the original. Not a clue how to do that, and that is not because I haven't looked into it. I just don't know what I am reading.

I am tired and worn out, and getting fat cause I can't get out of my chair....because of the root thing.

Please, I am ready to pay someone to do this for me. I am not sure what the going rate is for help of this kind. I just ask you to be gentle, as I am at the poverty level....aren't we all?
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i can do this. I use css on all mysites. PM me and i shall quote you a price.
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have you tried a shopping cart solution?

i've heard good things about http://www.shopify.com/

if you are making the effort to build a new site I wouldn't continue to use paypal buy buttons.
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