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Relating to the use of tables concerning page layout, the #wrapper id in your CSS would represent the main table, in as much as, it is the "container" for all of the other div tags, is this correct?
Yes, that is correct.

I noticed that changing the browser's window size affects the content, would that be remedied by assigning an absolute positioning instead of relative, if no, how is that controlled?
This has got nothing to do with abs/rel positioning. It is controlled by using % measurements for the divs. I.e. being say 80% of the browser window. That way when the window expands the site expands to fill it. If you don't want a 'liquid layout' then use fixed measurements such as px.

If the answer to question number two is yes, then all of the other div tags could be placed relatively without affecting them no matter the viewers window size, is that correct?
See above

I hope I'm not bothering you with all of these questions, it just seems that I have struck paydirt in this forum, and I'm going to try to spend it!!!
Not at all...spend away it's what DWC is for
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