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Default Submitting Form on Second Panel does not post


I have created a menu for a lunch shop. On the test page, there are two tabs, one for this weeks menu, and one for next.

On the first tab, everything works great. You add to cart, and the item gets added and you are sent to the cart page.

On the second tab, nothing happens.

The page in question submits to itself, where some PHP code collects the data from the POST and does processing to add it to the cart. Then it redirects the person to the cart page.

It use to simply go to the first tab, so I figured ah, let me send it the panel to send to, so I did that, and now I have it staying on the same panel, but it still doesn't do anything.

I ran through the PHP code, and it's winds up it's not gettign the POST data, so all my variables are blank, and nothing happens as it thinks there is nothign to add to the cart.

To see the behavior, you can go to:

So basically, the second tab is not posting it's data.

Any ideas? This is my first time trying to use a SPRY Tabbed Panel.

Thanks everyone,
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