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Question How to validate 2 inputs, one must be filled but the opposing field can be blank?

Hello everyone,

I am new to spry and trying to update some code for a friend but I can not work out the validation conundrum I am currently experiencing.

I have two fields, both plain text inputs; I would like to be able to validate them both but the problem is that I only require one of them to be validated at any one time.

For example, Home Tel or Mobile Tel: The user can enter either, and are not required to enter both, but must enter at least one of the fields to complete the form.

It would be very much appreciated if any one could find an answer, if not you still have my thanks for trying.

Hopefully I can get past the problem without replacing the spry validation, as it is working so well. Although if forced to by my problem I will eventually admit defeat and use a form of JQuery validation.


All the best

Matt Richards
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