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Originally Posted by domedia View Post
I've got requests like that a few times.

"Hey, Mr Web Designer! You work with 'computers', right? Can you fix mine?"
Oh so true!
Ok here's the lowdown...
Ed, dead on the money! These guys [combofix] are a .org? I hope they make a pile a money at some point; they deserve it. I found this bug amusing only if they did such a great job of burying it. Not one of the malware programs, including the flagship Norton series, could tackle it. This ComboFix ran itself completely, following the precise path they laid out on their site. By all appearances so far the bug is destroyed. One odd thing though... (Ed, you've seen this too?)
The website instructions have it as such one should not run the program without some type of competent supervision or at the behest of one of their forum mentors. [i.e John, follow the instructions, and Jim, no snickering ]
Part of the program is to report back to the forum with the report generated. I went online & joined their forum, left a message, the moment I hit post, the computer restarted itself, and when I went to look for the log where it should be, it was gone. In fact, it's vanished from the system entirely. Very odd. Computer seems fixed though, & I've reinstalled MalwareBytes to keep an eye on it.
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