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Phil - to be honest i've never used the spry menus in dreamweaver - i have doubts about how good they really are

are you using an old version of dreamweaver (and possibly therefore an old version of the spry nav system?)

you may need to change cursor to pointer in the css for the submenu.
and also have a look at the z-indexes of menu items because the menu falls behind the main text heading and the church image

in latest firefox (on mac) i can only select the first item in the child menu and the text is messed up.

i wonder whether you have considered using a cms like wordpress and simply adapting one of the many free themes (or even the basic theme) because then the navigation is sorted for you automatically (simple case making a new page and telling wordpress where in the navigation you want it to appear) and it would also be responsive - assuming you use a responsive theme (which your site isn't at the moment)

using a cms would also help spread the load of editing content and make it easier to add images and articles, update news etc. and provide a typographical and layout framework for you without having to manage those things yourself (but which are of course customisable)

incidentally i hope you don't me mentiining but the black text on a blue background is hard to read (try white or off white) and it's better to use bold for emphasis rather than all the body text (good to see you're using 16px default size text though

I assume the church knows its own name but isn't the normal abbreviation for Saint simply St ? (because it's a contraction not an abbreviation?)

i realise this doesn't directly answer your question (unless it is simply a case of changing the cursor type in the css) but i wanted to point out some options that may help with some of the general aspects of site management and may help with editing content generally.

hmm looking again i think it is a z-index problem - the menu needs to come infront of the page content it drops down but then loses focus
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